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If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, please consider using a better browser instead.

Why Switch? Current versions of Internet Explorer fail to correctly support web standards, such as CSS and MIME-types. Internet Explorer also has major security bugs. Computer security organizations and experts have recommend against using IE, and even Microsoft's own security experts use other browsers. Microsoft has also officially stopped providing Internet Explorer for Mac.

By using a better browser, you'll be able to block pop-ups and spyware, and keep your computer safe from hackers. Many web sites will look more attractive and work better, because these quality browsers do a better job of rendering the images and code that web designers use. Widespread use of better browsers will facilitate the creation of beautiful, usable web sites. It's time to Browse Happy.

Great browers are available for you start using today:

For security, always keep your browser updated to the latest version. Enjoy the Web!   contact xhtml css