Making the Tibetan National Flag graphic

Tibet National Flag This SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image is our current work in progress. We are using Inkscape, with the original JPEG image as our primary reference. These new graphics are clean and crisp and can be scaled up to any size (see larger version). Note, in order to see the SVG images, you need a browser that supports SVG (such as Firefox 2 or Safari 3) If you are still running Internet Explorer, it is time to upgrade to a better browser.

Tibet National Flag In 2003, I converted GIFs to PNGs using ImageMagick in Linux. I cleaned up some stray pixels and made other minor adjustments with Gimp. This image is clean and the sun rays are more symmetrical than in the GIF. Also, the PNG files are smaller than the GIF.

Tibet National Flag
Due to GIF patents, I ask that you please do not use this image. I made this version in 1998 with Adobe Photoshop. Using the original as a guide, I re-created the areas of solid color, and cleaned up the snow lions a little.

I am a big fan of open standards and free software, and I believe that software patents are harmful.
Tibet National Flag
This is the original GIF that was on in 1998.
Tibet National Flag
I believe this JPEG version predates all the other versions here. Looks like it went through lossy compression. I found it in 2003 at a web page that no longer exists.

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