JOVE quick reference   -- Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs --

^N      Move to next line
^P      Move to previous line

^F      move forward one character
^B      move backward one character

mF      move forward one word
mB      move backward one word

^A      Move to beginning of line
^E      Move to end of line

mA      Move back to beginning of sentence                
mE      Move forward to end of sentence

^K      Kill current Line (cut)
^Y      Yank              (paste)
mY      Yank others in cycle

^space  set the 'mark'
^W      Kill everything between 'mark' and 'point' (the cursor) (cut)
^XX     Interchange mark and point positions

m<      Go to beginning of file (use shift key)
m>      Go to end of file       (use shift key)

mN      scroll down
mP      scroll up
^L      center screen vertically at current cursor position

^O      insert newline character at current position ("Oh" character, not zero)
^D      delete one character at cursor position

^XS     save current buffer to file  (save)
^X\     save current buffer to file  (save)
^XW     write current buffer to different file (save As)
^XF     Find file (open)
^XI     insert file at current location
^XC     quit out

^S      search forward
^R      search reverse

mJ      Justify current block paragraph (really cool for text)
mQ      find and replace (prompting at each occucante)
mR      find and replace (no prompting)
mG      goto specific line number


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